steven thomas

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

…attended minor public school, Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, by day & Eel Pie Island & the Station Hotel by choice. Raised on a diet of a clueless lack of academic direction & Alexis Korner.

Having acquired a full house of utterly useless science A's, he managed to further upset an already confused family by insisting on attending Chelsea School of Art as a painter. Thus grantless & homeless, but free & still clueless, the King’s Road was his patch in the early '60s – working as a fashion model for the education, and as a waiter for the food.

Mid-sixties, the rock'n'roll years, working with a highly successful American record producer who possessed a wicked array of personal hang-ups - his age, his height, being American & being successful. Fortunately, being out of his depth, Thomas paid little attention & just did the clubs, the drugs & the groupies, picking up all sorts including some design work.

Having done the music biz, by unexpected popular demand he formed the original Whitmore-Thomas design group with Tim Whitmore, another ex-Chelsea painter.

From the Rolling Stones to the Blue Chips, they managed by luck, pleading & bribery to work on some truly iconic projects around the world & have a thoroughly wondrous time. Spoilt jammy bastard.

Recently, having decided to find a completely different second career and failed, he's back to designing again – clueless to the end - on books of his work. But he still hasn’t designed that hotel yet… still a spoilt jammy bastard… & still clueless.